About the Event

Esports Activate is  an exciting, ambitious  and informative showcases of Esports and Video Gaming platforms.  The Event will feature industry leaders from global Esports organizations previewing and showcasing their most exciting digital, experiential, media, content and sponsorship inventory and platforms across Esports.  Demonstrating how brands can authentically connect with  audiences around their passion for competitive video games. 

The event will feature 12 dynamic on stage presentations ranging from original content, team sponsorships, brand activation examples,  live events,  and  mobile technology.  Each presentation will entertain, educate and inform you  about opportunities available to create activations and strategies that captures the imagination of gamers, fans and consumers from around the world and more importantly -  feed their passion.  

It is an event  designed specifically for brands, marketers, media and advertisers to learn about video game brand integrations and strategies that drives engagement.

If you are a brand that is already invested in Esports, this event is for you and if you are a brand that is at the edge, then Esports Activate is sure to push you over. 


Why You Must Attend

Everyone plays video games. Whether it's professionally, competitively with friends or just a means to capture the time,  Esports and Competitive Video Games is moving at a speed and intensity that is unparalleled in entertainment and in reaching Millennials and GenZ audiences


A Game-Changing Experience

  • Attendees will understand how to leverage the power of the 4 Elements of Esports.  Content, Conversation,  Commerce, and Culture when developing their gaming strategy
  • Planners, advertisers and media leaders, will have a powerful information tool to develop future brand integration strategies 
  • Marketers will gain a better perspective on the breadth and depth of Esports media, content and sponsorship opportunities. 
  • Better understand what motivates and drives the gamers passion and engagement and the astounding investments and growth of this industry

For Brands, marketers, media and agencies, Esports Activate is an event you don’t want to miss.  To make it even more exciting, we plan to introduce you to gamers from across culture, through our “I am a Gamer” activation at Esports Activate. Whether you are a pro athlete, music artist, tv and radio personality, brand or marketer, we’ve opened our doors to everyone at a venue designed for fun and play. 


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