Esports Activate


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sony PlayStation Theater
1515 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

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About the Event

Esports Activate™ will feature some of the most exciting and dynamic on stage presentations from leading esports organizations, previewing and showcasing their digital, experiential, media, content and sponsorship inventory and platforms across esports to attendees. 

It is an event designed specifically for brands, marketers, media buyers and advertisers to learn and experience in one place and at one time, the breadth and depth of esports opportunities available.  Attendees will better understand how to create brand integration strategies that drives measurable engagement and results.

If you are a brand that is already invested in esports, this event will make you want to do more; if you are a brand deciding how to engage, Esports Activate™ will give you the confidence to jump in and get started. 


Why You Should Attend

Everyone plays video games. Whether it's professionally, competitively with friends or just a means to capture the time, Esports and Competitive Video Gaming is moving at a speed and intensity that is unparalleled in entertainment and in reaching Millennials and GenZ audiences.


A Premier Brand Experience

  • Develop a gaming strategy by leveraging the 4 Elements of Esports: Content, Conversation, Commerce, and Culture
  • Planners, advertisers and media leaders, will have a powerful information tool to develop brand integration strategies
  • Marketers will gain a better perspective on the breadth and depth of esports media, content and sponsorship opportunities 
  • Better understand what motivates and drives the gamer’s passion and engagement, which is fueling astounding investment and growth in the industry

Featured Presentations

Ranging from original content platforms, team sponsorships, brand activation, live events, and mobile technology, each presentation will bring to life activations and strategies designed to embrace the passion of Esports and Competitive Video Games, and highlight  the value for brands and marketers in reaching a digital, passionate and global audience.

 Worlds Largest Esports Tournament Organizer


NBA 2K Team

Worlds Largest Esports Team


Engagement and Analytics Platform for Enterprise Streamers

Esports Live Production Studio

Esports Audience Monetization Platform.

Esports Content Platform


Mobile Immersive Entertainment Platform


Featured panels


Conversations featuring both Esports insiders and Brands leaders, we will dive deep into the culture of gaming through a series of discussions highlighting some of the most relevant brand topics in Esports. 


What is Esports?  Why is it Hot?

An overview of the industry, reasons for growth and a perspective on its future.


Women in Esports and the Video Game Industry

Explores cultural norms, misconceptions, and biases of women in the industry, as well as brand opportunities to connect with this audience.


The Power of Data

Discuss how brands can leverage data to drive spend, create consumer narratives and authentically reach a global digital audience.


Exploring the Esports Brand, Media & Sponsorship Model

A discussion that explores media, content, and sponsorship opportunities that deliver reach and scale. 





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